Make a Great Impression on Customers

Arrange for commercial vehicle and fleet detailing services in Nampa, ID

When you put your business logo on a vehicle, the condition of that vehicle becomes part of your overall professional appearance. Customers can get the wrong impression of your business if your company vehicles are covered in dirt and rust. To keep your fleet clean and well-maintained, turn to L & K Mobile Wash for fleet detailing services in Nampa, ID. We can clean the interior and exterior of any type of vehicle and don't have any fleet size limitations.

Find out more about our commercial vehicle detailing services by calling 208-899-5531.

Let us maintain your fleet

You don't have time in your busy work schedule to hand-wash your commercial vehicles. Thankfully you can depend on L & K Mobile Wash for fleet detailing services. We can:

  • Clean vehicles that can't fit in standard drive-through car washes
  • Give your vehicles a clean, professional look
  • Allow you to focus on your work rather than cleaning

If the weather allows for it, we can also acid wash your vehicle for a deeper clean. Reach out to us now if you need commercial vehicle detailing services.

Good advertising starts with your vehicles

Regular fleet detailing services aren't just good for your company's image. Keeping your vehicles properly maintained extends their service life. It can also keep your drivers safe and give them a greater sense of pride in your company.

L & K Mobile Wash offers commercial vehicle detailing for any size vehicle, including:

  • Semitrucks - $50
  • Semitrucks and trailer - $90
  • Three-rowed vans and SUVs - Call for pricing

Let Nampa, ID's fleet detailing professionals come to you. Call now to set up regular fleet detailing services.